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We have carefully curated the most reliable and innovative models of electric bikes from the top brands - Specialized, Kalkhoff, Focus, Raleigh. Come in today to browse and a free test ride - try before you buy! Our head tech has over 5 years experience in all brands and types of e-bikes and kits. Electricity Bikes was founded by City Bikes, pioneers of the urban transportation bike shop in DC since 1988.  



In Germany & Holland, more euros are already being spent
on e-bikes than pedal-only bikes. What's happening?

We live in an increasingly sedentary world: between our jobs and spending time online there seems to be less and less time for anything else. Everybody already knows that we should be in better shape, and that doing more biking is probably the most practical way to get exercise every day. Not all of us are as fast out of the gate. Some people want a little help up the hill to full fitness, maybe go further, faster, or safely recover from injuries. Arrive at the office not drenched in sweat. E-bikes only amplify your own inherent ability, not replace it - they give you the freedom to choose how much to give. 

On an e-bike you get the fun[+] of a bicycle (we dare you to try one and stop from smiling afterward) - and you can still get plenty of exercise. Just turning the pedals will keep your muscles and joints moving, burning more calories than sitting in a car, bus or train. Give more - your choice.

Want an all-out no-pain-no-gain workout? There really is nothing better than the trusty analog bicycle to make you work harder. We should know: since 1988, as DC's biggest and best bicycle shops, we have outfitted tens of thousands of happy customers with classic city bikes. They are awesome, life-changing machines. But not for everyone. 

will you keep AT it?

Can you go the distance? 

Like a crash diet where you feel hungry all the time, taking on a long commute or hilly terrain might mean starting off with good intentions, but then we can start to find excuses to back out, leave the bike parked, take the car/bus/train instead. An electric bike, like a long term sensible diet, helps maintain even a basic level of activity, meaning you get more exercise because you are using it more, maybe several times more a week. While you are getting there, your pride doesn't have to suffer either as you can easily keep up with faster, fitter riders. Nobody likes being dropped all the time. 

As your  fitness level progresses, you can choose to use the e-ssistance less and less, perhaps only on the worst hills, or into the strongest headwinds. You can also travel much further, increasing your time in the saddle. Cycling isn’t just about physical fitness – there are huge benefits in terms of overall well being - fresh air, sightseeing in the green countryside, life outside of the box. An electric bike can help you to do all that, just like the analog bicycle does.