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We have carefully curated the most reliable and innovative models of electric bikes from the top brands - Specialized, Kalkhoff, Focus, Raleigh. Come in today to browse and a free test ride - try before you buy! Our head tech has over 5 years experience in all brands and types of e-bikes and kits. Electricity Bikes was founded by City Bikes, pioneers of the urban transportation bike shop in DC since 1988.  

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Brose S motors

Charlie McCormick

The S motor line is at the very front of the big dog pack - dramatically peppier than most competing systems, with 15% more power than the already strong Brose T. Pushing 90nm of torque and 550 (560 for the Mag version) peak watts, and applied with the signature Brose smooth/natural feeling and low noise/vibration. Specialized uses the S motor but calls it "Turbo 1.3" or “Turbo 2.1” (Mag) and there's an app that you can tune motor performance via bluetooth on your smartphone.

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Brose T motors

Charlie McCormick

Noticeably peppier than competing systems, the Brose T motor’s "natural" feeling power delivery hits the perfect balance between plenty of giddyup and efficiency to ensure great range. Brose uses the same motor for leisure, sporty and off road - the tuning is different to suit each experience. Torque peaks at 72nm and 520 watts, beating out both the Shimano Steps city motors and the Bosch Active line, and on par with the Bosch Performance street motors,

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Brose CB (1.2E)

Charlie McCormick

Brose produced a special motor just for Specialized’s entry level eBikes (Specialized calls it the Turbo 1.2E) It is geared toward efficiency for excellent range, while still providing plenty of torque at low rpms so fully loaded commuters can flatten their hills out, applied with the Brose signature natural feeling smoothness.

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