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We have carefully curated the most reliable and innovative models of electric bikes from the top brands - Specialized, Kalkhoff, Focus, Raleigh. Come in today to browse and a free test ride - try before you buy! Our head tech has over 5 years experience in all brands and types of e-bikes and kits. Electricity Bikes was founded by City Bikes, pioneers of the urban transportation bike shop in DC since 1988.  


Tune ups

Basic Tune-Up

Get your ride up to full speed

$110 ($99 for our new bike clients after the first 500 mile free tune up*)
If you are riding your bike regularly, a tune-up should be performed at least once per year for weekend riders, and twice per year for daily commuters. A tune-up includes all adjustments of the brakes, drivetrain, bearing systems, a basic wheel true, and a safety check on all bolts. Also, an inspection and cleaning of all electrical connections.


Complete Tune-Up

Includes drivetrain cleaning, a full wheel true & a service unit performance optimization

$200 ($175 for our new bike clients after the first 500 mile free tune up*)
More comprehensive work should be performed once per year for daily commuters and serious recreational riders, or every 1000 miles. Grit and grime can build up on your drivetrain and brakes slowing you down and causing premature wear of components. Freshen up your bike with a full cleaning and lubrication of all the primary components on your bicycle to ensure that they continue to work at peak performance. A full wheel truing is preformed to ensure free running brakes, a long lifed wheel set. Installation of new parts like brake pads or cables is included, as is inspection and cleaning of all electrical connections. It is usually a good idea to ask for a service unit tune up at the same time. 


Service Unit cable/interface Tune-up

Troubleshoot an issue or customize your bike's to perform optimally for you.

$25 Attaching a diagnostic service unit interface to adjust performance up to 15 mins. We have service units for all major motor/battery brands, along with manufacture certified training.  Examples include Focus, Kalkhoff, Bionx, Bosch systems, Shimano Steps, Bafang and more. After 15 minutes we charge by the hour*


Diagnostics per hour for bikes/kits

For work on electric bikes not purchased through ElectriCityBikes

Minimum fee: $55, hourly rate* after that.  In most cases we can diagnose a bike in 5-25 minutes! We see a fair number of internet purchased bikes that fail quickly, and parts may not be available.  A deposit may be required before any work can be performed. 


*Shop rate for work by the hour $100

*First 500 mile free tune up covers labor on new bikes, parts or components that get damaged during use or those just worn out are not included.